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Product Characteristics
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Unlike other hot air dryers, Malraenggi has round trays that rotate 360 degrees. Near-infrared ray (light) is the primary heat source that uniformly dries the target objects. Anyone can easily dry agricultural and marine products through hot air circulation and natural moisture removal.
* What is near-infrared?
Sunlight releases various light rays including X-ray, ultraviolet ray, gamma ray and infrared ray. Among them, near-infrared ray is a type of infrared ray with good penetrating power. It can penetrate into food and dry the target object on the inside and outside at the same time. This means that it dries faster (2~3 times) than other hot air dryers and shows outstanding color and quality of food (widely used for medical, heating and fomenting purposes).
It uses a natural drying method
- The food drying principle of Malraenggi is similar to natural drying.
- Objects that were difficult to dry naturally because of long drying time can be dried easily using Malraenggi.
It dries using light, wind and rotation
- The food drying principle of Malraenggi irradiates near-infrared ray (light), a type of sunlight, onto the object to be dried. This ray is turned into heat energy and generates wind that blows and dries the object.
- Light is largely divided into infrared ray, visible light and ultraviolet ray. Near-infrared ray has very short wavelength compared to far-infrared ray and can penetrate deeply into objects. This is why near-infrared drying can be applied to dry automobile paint, fomenting devices in oriental medical clinics and heaters. Near-infrared ray penetrates 2~3mm and heats objects without heating air.
* Dryers of other companies : They confine air in a sealed space and generate heat using an electric heating rod. When certain temperature is reached, a moisture outlet is opened to remove moisture. This is a method of steaming the target object.
The trays rotate
The trays continue rotating 360° to ensure thorough drying.
Drying time is short
Our dryer dries 3 times after than oil dryers and 2 times after than dryers of other companies. This means that production quantity is 2~3 times as large and power consumption is low.
Drying yield is high
- Agricultural and marine products start to spoil when they contact oxygen. Since drying rate affects weight after drying (drying yield), Malraenggi shows excellent drying yield because it dries 2~3 times faster than other dryers.
- In the case of red pepper, Malraenggi produces 600g of dried red pepper from 3kg of raw red pepper, whereas dryers of other companies produce 600g of dried red pepper from 5kg of raw red pepper.
We use natural moisture removal
Unlike other dryers, Malraenggi removes moisture from the start.
We have excellent taste and color
Malraenggi shows faster drying rate using near-infrared ray (light), which produces excellent taste and color
We have excellent trays
The trays have triangular shapes that prevent sticking of dried objects and uniformly delivers wind.
Our dryer is simple and can be used by anyone
- Anyone can easily use our dryer, simply by setting temperature and time.
- Since Malraenggi does not have high inner temperature, you can open the door and check the drying status in the middle of drying.
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