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CEO Greetings
Ever since its foundation in 1982 for manufacture of automobile sheet mold, Shinil Tech Co., Ltd. has consistently conducted technology development and started research on near-infrared technology often used for automobile painting and medical devices. The near-infrared dryer (Malraenggi) was invented in 2005.

The near-infrared dryer of our company is the one and only patented product in the world that uses natural drying with light, heat and wind. Requiring low electric cost, our dryer has achieved excellent drying capability and quality in drying special crops like Aronia, Schisandra and mango, edible insects such as larva and mealworm, and various agricultural and marine products. Our dryer is very popular among consumers in Korea and overseas that it is considered as the best hot air dryer.

As a company that solely focused on dryers for 35 years, we promise to make even better dryers through ceaseless efforts on technology development and respect for customers.
      CEO Chun-Gil Jeong
- 1982.06 : Founded (purpose: manufacture of automobile sheet mold)
- 2005.03 : Developed the near-infrared dryer (Malraenggi)
- 2006.10 : Acquired an invention patent (near-infrared dryer)
- 2015.08 : Started exporting to Japan
- 2016.05: Started exporting to Gambia in West Africa
- 2016.07 : Started exporting to Bolivia
- 2016.10 : Started exporting to the United States, Senegal, Qatar and Sudan
- 2017.10 : Started exporting to Cambodia
3 invention patents / 3 utility models / 1 design

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