King of hot air dryers
Malraenggi, not comparable with any others
The only patented dryer in the world
Air drying technology using near-infrared ray
The most economical
Natural drying method
Drying by light, heat and rotation, Just once OK !
Unlike other hot air dryers, Malraenggi has round trays that rotate 360 degrees.
Near-infrared ray (light) is the primary heat source that uniformly dries the target objects.
Anyone can easily dry agricultural and marine products through hot air circulation and natural moisture removal.
Natural drying system using the light
Drying time is short
We have excellent trays
How to use simple
Aronia, Schizandra, Edible Insects, any specially items - Malraenggi is the Answer
Objects that were difficult to dry naturally because of long drying time can be dried easily using Malraenggi.
Are you worried about drying? Ask for a test. I give you an answer that will satisfy you.
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